Artificial Boxwood Rolls

Artificial Boxwood Rolls are here to get the job done as quickly as possible, with convenient pre-assembled rolls made for maximum quality, maximum coverage, and maximum efficiency.

The beautiful, tightly populated foliage on these rolls is an ideal material to cover any surface, transforming poured concrete walls into vibrant, healthy features that actually enhance the space. Whether it’s finished ceilings, cracked or fading exterior walls, old features, or utilities, anything can be made beautiful, alive, and vibrant practically overnight with far-reaching artificial boxwood hedge rolls.

Our faux hedge rolls can be made with specially formulated materials that offer the utmost in Fire Resistance or UV protection depending on your needs. Large-scale outdoor projects benefit from PermaLeaf® UV-resistant formula that greatly improves the color fastness and durability of our outdoor foliage. Indoor projects can likewise benefit from our ThermaLeaf® Inherently Fire Retardant foliage, that helps your space stay safe and compliant, with the highest performing fire-safe foliage commercially available.

The biophilic movement is picking up momentum in the world of design; This is a cultural and conscious movement that focuses on a common love for plant life, growth, and mindfulness. We’re seeing more and more green spaces being used for brand messaging, as business owners continue to align their values to the cultural climate of the present and connect with the people in their space. Be the first to show your understanding and create an instant green space with Artificial Boxwood Rolls.