Artificial Broken Top Tree Log
Artificial Broken Top Tree Log
Artificial Broken Top Tree Log
Artificial Broken Top Tree Log

Artificial Broken Top Tree Log


We created the tree logs to add natural-appearing elements to your landscape design. Suitable for use in camp scenes, wilderness design, or a prop in scenic design. Made with preserved natural wood branches, these are full of detail and texture and available in multiple sizes. Also available in fire-resistant materials, these are painted to reflect the true colors of a fallen tree branch or log and the added detail of a broken end. Also, see our full selection of tree logs and tree stumps to round out your concept.
Plantscape Commercial Silk’s faux Broken Top Tree Log is perfect for adding beautiful nature-inspired visuals to your landscape’s design. Our faux wood tree logs are made from preserved real wood branches. They bear life-like texture and details and have been painted to mimic the exact color of broken off logs and branches. Our fake wood tree log collection features four different sizes: 18″, 22″, 36″ and 40″. We also make custom fake wood logs that will perfectly satisfy your exact design needs.
Our artificial tree logs can be used in the landscape in myriad, marvelous ways. You can combine several artificial tree logs to create a campsite scene, scatter some around for a wilderness design or use one indoors to create a stunning, biophilic accent piece. For best, closest-to-nature results, use multiple faux wood logs, each of a different size.
Our fake wood logs are available in ThermaLeaf® materials—the world’s most reliable in fire-retardant technology. Unlike regular artificial foliage that’s topically coated with fire-retardant chemicals, our products are infused with fire retardant chemicals at the molecular level. Our products are extensively tested and are compliant with the most stringent international fire safety laws. They also have high dust resistance and longevity.

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Height18", 22", 36", 40"

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