Large Leaf Boxwood Roll
Large Leaf Boxwood Roll
Large Leaf Boxwood Roll
Large Leaf Boxwood Roll

Large Leaf Boxwood Roll


The perfect Large Leaf Boxwood solution is within reach for you and your space. Our Large Leaf Boxwood Rolls are the perfect material to cover serious square footage and still get the premium product you expect from Commercial Silk. Our ThermaLeaf® indoor foliage gives you invaluable peace of mind, knowing that your establishment is safe from the dangerous fire-spreading reputation of lesser products. Our flame-resistant particle blend will never fade or wash off; It also lasts through the entire life of the product, saving you the cost of re-applying any sticky, unattractive fire-resistant coating.
Our best boxwood mat is now in a massively convenient roll that covers a serious surface area. With these pre-configured yet customizable rolls, you’ll have a botanically accurate outdoor green wall that will stay lush and vibrant for years, regardless of the season. Our replica plants deliver the best possible experience, finding the sweet spot between minimal maintenance and true-to-life details that make your outdoor landscaping rich and alive with beautiful greenery. Our large leaf variety features broader leaves in a thick, dense mat that fully obscures any surface, covering it with perfectly arranged boxwood leaves.
Plantscape Commercial Silk’s Large Leaf Boxwood Roll is a wonderful, innovative way of dressing up indoor surfaces. Our artificial boxwood roll features true-to-life color and detail so the foliage is almost impossible to tell apart from real boxwood. It’s not just more convenient and easier to install than other artificial green wall solutions, it’s a lot more beautiful and highly-durable.
Our artificial boxwood rolls are typically available in sizes 4’ X 8’ and feature large, extra broad, rich green boxwood leaves. The highly detailed leaves are densely packed to create heightened visual interest. You can also customize the rolls to meet your space’s exact requirements and also work well in curved surfaces. Our faux boxwood rolls are great for adding a stunning biophilic element to interior spaces. You can use them as an accent or to create full-fledged artificial green walls.
Our fake boxwood rolls come in ThermaLeaf® materials, which is highly safe an extensively tested fire-retardant foliage. Regular self-extinguishing artificial foliage is only topically coated with fire-retardant materials. Our fake boxwood rolls have been fused with fire-retardant chemicals on a molecular scale. In addition, our faux boxwood rolls are botanically accurate, have excellent resistance to dust, and come with a lifetime warranty.

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