English Ivy Garland ID# IVE+72
English Ivy Garland | English Ivy Garland ID# IVE+72
English Ivy Garland ID# IVE+72
English Ivy Garland | English Ivy Garland ID# IVE+72

English Ivy Garland

ID# IVE+72

Measuring 72”, our satin-like English Ivy Lace Garland has that light and lively ivy look and feel, in gorgeous green. The English Ivy garland showcases the meticulous ivy leaf shape in a variety of leaf sizes number at 175 leaves per garland, making this lacy and lovely! Ivy is versatile in design, allowing this to accent almost any interior design or theme. Garlands can be used to decorate a vertical ledge or frame out an entryway. Sun and weather-resistant, our English Ivy Garland can be used in multiple designs, from season to season.
Among the hundreds of mesmerizing artificial plants and trees in the Plantscape Commercial Silk catalog, the one we can call an icon is our satin-feel faux English Ivy garland. The history and fame of the English Ivy are long-established. Then, to know that some retail space owners consider the English Ivy a ‘pain to manage’ is heartbreaking. Not if you buy artificial English Ivy garlands from Plantscape Commercial Silk though.
Every one of the 175 life-like leaves on our English Ivy faux garland is a botanical replica of the real leaf. Yes, our designers have achieved the unique green variegated appearance of the English Ivy. And because they’re made from special-purpose plastic, they’re immune to the ravages of wind, sun, and time. Buy our faux English Ivy garlands once, and you’ll never feel like they need to be replaced.
Clients in 40+ countries depend on these faux ivy garlands to decorate their doorframes, window frames, and ledges. These garlands are designed for versatility, so be assured that they’ll fit right into your decor adventures. We recommend our special artificial English Ivy garlands made from our proprietary Permaleaf materials, for the best in color fade resistance.

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Height 72"
Foliage Plastic
permaleaf Available

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