Artificial Ironwood Plant
Artificial Ironwood Plant | Ironwood Plant ID# IWV412
Ironwood Plant ID# IWV412
Artificial Ironwood Plant | Ironwood Plant ID# IWV412
Ironwood Plant ID# IWV412
Artificial Ironwood Plant | Ironwood Plant ID# IWV412
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Artificial Ironwood Plant

ID# IWV412

What a charming canopy of greens highlighted with reds and pinks the Ironwood Vine is! This Artificial Ironwood Vine is a delightful display of colorful silky foliage, intermixing various leaf sizes and slight shape variations for interest and texture. Available in sizes from 8” to 14”, the Ironwood vine is incredibly life-like and striking. This plant would make an amazing accent placed by itself or as complementary greenery for flower beds or arrangements. Talk with one of our design consultants on how to incorporate the artificial Ironwood Vine in your design.
Crafted as per the natural aesthetics and colorful charms of the native foliage, the faux Ironwood Plant is the ideal piece for indoor decor. Be it your establishment’s entrance, reception area, hallway, or conference room, our artificial Ironwood Plant will be a delightful addition anywhere.
Designed for a modern yet minimalistic aura, you can get your fake Ironwood Plant in custom sizes from 8″ to 14″. Our faux Ironwood Plant also comes in a handy off-white pot that accentuates its vibrant green foliage. The foliage material we use for our fake Ironwood Plant is premium quality polyester. But what transforms this into a life-like replica of the famed Ironwood Plant is our manufacturing technology.
All our artificial Ironwood Plant replicas are made using advanced treatments and tests for a long-lasting and evergreen lifespan. We achieve this with our exclusive ThermaLeaf® technology. It is the safest foliage solution on the market offering longevity and value for money. This process involves treating and inducing the raw materials with fire-retardant chemicals. That’s why the indoor plant replicas by Plantscape Commercial Silk including the faux Ironwood Plant require minimal maintenance while offering efficient fire resistance.

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