Artificial Ironwood Foliage
Artificial Ironwood Foliage | Ironwood Spray ID# IW#20
Ironwood Spray ID# IW#20
Artificial Ironwood Foliage | Ironwood Spray ID# IW#20
Ironwood Spray ID# IW#20
Artificial Ironwood Foliage | Ironwood Spray ID# IW#20
Ironwood Spray ID# IW#20
Ironwood Spray ID# IW#20
Ironwood Spray ID# IW#20

Artificial Ironwood Foliage

ID# IW#20

This Artificial Ironwood Foliage is a delightful display of silky green foliage, intermixing various leaf sizes and slight shape variations for interest. Known as a hardy, heavy tree native to Florida, we have created a maintenance-free, long-lasting durable artificial Ironwood foliage spray to use in floral arrangements, to accent indoor planters, in the base of potted trees, or for the DIY’er to create your own tree! 20” in length with 153 stunning leaves, will brighten up your space. Versatile in placement, add this faux Ironwood tree to office parks, entryways, foyers, and more! Available in a range of sizes and styles, consider adding the beautiful faux Ironwood tree to your landscape.
Made with high-quality and long-lasting materials, it’s hard to compete with the quality and durability of our artificial Ironwood Foliage. At the same time, our fake ironwood foliage is peerless in its realistic look and feel. From the natural multi-leafed stem to the dark green foliage, none of the details of the natural tree has missed our eyes. That’s helped us create a faux Ironwood Foliage that looks deceptively real.
Caring for one of our artificial ironwood foliage isn’t a big deal either. The resilient faux Ironwood Foliage doesn’t need sunlight or water to survive and is fit for almost any spot. In addition, our fake ironwood foliage also comes with our patented ThermaLeaf® protection. At Plantscape Commercial Silk, we offer the ultimate in fire-safe foliage, and our artificial ironwood foliage allows you to get greenery with peace of mind.
It’s never too late to add some green touch to your office or commercial landscape. With the artificial ironwood foliage from Plantscape Commercial Silk, you can do just that. The faux Ironwood Foliage, with its soothing foliage, can be useful in helping reduce the stress of your employees and improving their productivity.

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Height 20''
Foliage Polyester
thermaleaf Available

Product Data Sheet 3-Part Specifications



Components can be affixed to interior or exterior surfaces with site specific systems to keep foliage full and secure. These can be affixed to Walls, Fences or even a Trellis.


Attachment solutions can be catered to the needs of the site alongside the greenery being placed in, on and around existing ceiling structure.


Components can be formed and applied to existing gridwork.


Attachment solution for pre-constructed ceiling substrates with low-height limitations. Requires minimal skilled installation labor. Ideal for remodeling spaces.


IFR Greenery allows light features to have components wrapped in and around adding depth to the space.


Greenery can be customized to fit existing frames for unique Greenery scapes.


Plantings are formed to interior, or exterior conditions allowing ease of installation, and ability to customize type, density, and easy swapping.


Mats and components are formed to install around angles and curves to fit each location and dimension.


Component attachment methods can be formed to the desired style and feel of the location.

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