Kangaroo Ivy Garland ID# KAN#72M
Kangaroo Ivy Garland | Kangaroo Ivy Garland ID# KAN#72M
Kangaroo Ivy Garland ID# KAN#72M
Kangaroo Ivy Garland | Kangaroo Ivy Garland ID# KAN#72M

Kangaroo Ivy Garland


Our artificial Kangaroo Ivy Vine Foliage, shown here in our lovely garland format, features a stunning mix of green and lavender hues with equally striking, shapely leaves. Available in our 72” garland length, the incredibly life-like Kangaroo Ivy Vine Foliage will brighten up your interior landscape, with little to no maintenance. Whether you want to add some color and length to your hanging baskets or want to create planters with ivy “spillers”, this choice will be an eye-catching addition to your landscape or floral décor. Also perfect for decorating vertical structures, doorways, and more. The silky foliage is highly durable, long-lasting, and very realistic in appearance. We welcome custom orders as well!
The stunning looks of our artificial Kangaroo Ivy Garland are bound to catch anyone’s eyes. The stunning leaves of the fake garland, with its striking design and variegated colors, make our fake Kangaroo Ivy Garland a perfect replica of the natural plant. There’s no denying that the faux Kangaroo Ivy Garland plant will be the star of any interior landscape.
Made from durable and premium materials, there’s little to worry about the longevity and quality of our faux Kangaroo Ivy Garland. Our patented fire-resistant ThermaLeaf® protection shields the artificial Kangaroo Ivy Garland tree from fires and high heat. This keeps your fake Kangaroo Ivy Garland the ultimate in fire-safe foliage and makes them safe for use in any office or commercial space.
So, if your commercial space or office is looking a bit drab, perhaps it’s time to add a bit of color to the landscape. Why not pick an artificial Kangaroo Ivy Garland from Plantscape Commercial Silk? The purple and lavender hues of the faux Kangaroo Ivy Garland are perfect for bringing life to your walls. So whether you’re looking to re-energize your staff or want to make an impression on your customers, our fake Kangaroo Ivy Garland is the way to go.

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Height 72"
Foliage Polyester
thermaleaf Available

Product Data Sheet 3-Part Specifications

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