Needlepoint Ivy Vine ID# NPI#10
Needlepoint Ivy Vine Foliage | Needlepoint Ivy Vine ID# NPI#10
Needlepoint Ivy Vine ID# NPI#10
Needlepoint Ivy Vine Foliage | Needlepoint Ivy Vine ID# NPI#10

Needlepoint Ivy Vine Foliage

ID# NPI#10

Needlepoint Ivy is has a delicate appearance with its finely pointed leaves and trailing vine, adding a bit of grace and depth to any décor. At 19” in length and comprised of 246 beautifully crafted multi-toned green leaves, this ivy adds bright and cheery tones of green to your office or commercial space. Designed for interior use, the materials are silky, soft, and safe. Our faux Needlepoint Ivy foliage makes use of premium quality material which gives them an incredibly realistic look and feel providing a delightful and durable accent to your space. Also available in variegated leaves, either option will be a wonderful addition to planters or hanging baskets or wherever your design takes you.
These fake Needlepoint Ivy Vine foliage require next-to-no maintenance. No mess and dirt, no pruning and watering, just beautiful greenery all the year-round. These are ideal for all sorts of spaces. Put them up in planters for a dreamy look, with trailing ivy vines creating a stunning showpiece. Or you can arrange for them to climb walls. They will not only beautify the space but also hide any blemishes or imperfections on it.
Our delicate-looking artificial Needlepoint Ivy Vine foliage is actually highly durable and is sure to delight you for years to come. It is also fireproof, thanks to our pioneering Thermaleaf© technology. As we always maintain, never worry about fire code compliance with Thermaleaf©. This faux Needlepoint Ivy Vine plant is truly the ultimate in fire-safe foliage.
We can easily customize these fake Needlepoint Ivy Vine foliage in order to suit your specific requirements. We can make them longer, or shorter, denser or sparser, and even tweak the installation methods to suit your space. All you need to do, in order to transform your space into a green paradise, is to give us a call. Our expert team of professionals will be with you all the way!

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Height 19''
Foliage Polyester
thermaleaf Available

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