Artificial Papyrus Grass Indoor Plant
Artificial Papyrus Grass Indoor Plant | Papyrus Plant ID# PAPY5
Papyrus Plant ID# PAPY5
Artificial Papyrus Grass Indoor Plant | Papyrus Plant ID# PAPY5

Artificial Papyrus Grass Indoor Plant


Papyrus grass is a lesser-seen variety that doesn’t always survive well indoors, however, Artificial replicas from Commercial Silk give you the opportunity to design your green space without limits. These exotic and interesting grass stalks terminate with miniature bursts of grass that lend excitement and directional action. Papyrus grass pairs well with other vertically aligned plants and reeds, and adds a unique texture accent with staggered grass tufts.
Earlier, papyrus plants could only be spotted by the water beds of exotic resorts. However, Plantscape Commercial Silk allows you to bring this outdoor plant indoors with its range of faux replica grasses. Our fake Papyrus Grass Plant is characterized by long, arching stems that can reach a height of 48”. The stems end in little clusters that form a crown of tufted grass.
You can pot the artificial Papyrus Grass Plant in containers for a more structured and minimalist impact. When left to its own devices, the plant is seen taking over swamps and shallow lakes in a couple of days. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with the hassle of pruning and maintaining this grass if you opt to buy our faux Papyrus Grass Plant.
These unique plants from the sedge family are ideal if you want to give your commercial space or spa an aesthetic appeal. The fake Papyrus Grass Plant is used as an ornamental or coupled with other companion plants like lotuses and water lilies for a more cohesive look. Moreover, the faux Papyrus Grass Plant is infused with fire-retardant chemicals, making it the ultimate in fire-safe foliage.

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