Artificial Savannah Grass
Artificial Savannah Grass
Artificial Savannah Grass
Artificial Savannah Grass

Artificial Savannah Grass

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Unlock the potential of your indoor landscape by including expressive artificial Savannah Grass, bringing wild, natural character to any constructed space. Faux Savannah Grass reaches almost three feet in height, which can be utilized to cover low utility areas or create a visual partition when implemented on raised planters. Our fake Savannah Grass is made with inherently fire-retardant materials, which means you don’t have to worry about building codes or the safety of your space. Get the most lifelike artificial grass plants that bring your indoor sanctuary to life.
Our artificial Savannah Grass is not just for functional usages such as partitions and ground cover. In fact, this faux Savannah Grass is perfect for creating vibrant green backgrounds for colorful flowers. They can be perfect for island planters that need to seem fuller. And so real-life and authentic-looking are these artificial Savannah Grass foliage that they can easily complement your existing foliage, whether real or fake. Stunning centerpieces, unique year-round wreaths, and various DIY pieces, all are possible with these.
We offer our fake Savannah Grass in our proprietary ThermaLeaf© materials, which are inherently fireproof. We make this possible by infusing fire-protectant chemicals into the ThermaLeaf© materials, right at the molecular stage. This ensures that the protectants are an inherent part of the fake plants, and will remain so for their entire lives. It is the ultimate in fire-safe foliage, that’s for sure. In fact, you will never worry about fire code compliance with ThermaLeaf©.
At Plantscape Commercial Silk, we offer our faux Savannah Grass in a standard size of 32″. However, we can easily offer you custom solutions if you find these fake Savannah Grass foliage are not the right fit for your space. All you need to do is share your green vision with us, and our team will help you achieve it.

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