Artificial ZZ Plant
Artificial ZZ Plant | ZZ Plant ID# ZZZM48
ZZ Plant ID# ZZZM48
Artificial ZZ Plant | ZZ Plant ID# ZZZM48
ZZ Plant ID# ZZZM48
Artificial ZZ Plant | ZZ Plant ID# ZZZM48

Artificial ZZ Plant


The ZZ plant, formally known as Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, incorporates the multi-toned, very life-like green foliage of the ZZ into a pretty potted arrangement. Thick and lush foliage, the ZZ is incredibly life-like and full of satiny green tones and texture. Available in sizes from 20” to 48”, the ZZ also has replicated the limbs and bark correctly. The ZZ plant can be a corner plant or perfect in niches for your office. We also use the ZZ plant to create a hedge and topiaries. A versatile plant, consider the ZZ for your design. Custom orders are always welcomed.
In recent times, the ZZ plant has become an extremely popular and much loved indoor decor item. But with it comes the troubles of maintenance, from regular watering, pruning, and fertilizing to the occasional repotting. Not to mention the spills and dirt that have to be cleaned up regularly as far as live plants are concerned. Our artificial ZZ Plant is the perfect remedy for these problems. Enjoy the life-like beauty and vibrant greenery with this faux ZZ Plant without any maintenance issues.
We offer our fake ZZ Plant with our proprietary Thermaleaf® materials that are inherently fireproof. We infuse our Thermaleaf® materials with fire-retardant chemicals even before we start molding our finished products. This means that the artificial ZZ Plant that you take home will be the ultimate in fire-safe foliage. And, you will never worry about fire code compliance with Thermaleaf®.
And the best part? We can easily customize our faux ZZ plant to suit your space. Whether you want this fake ZZ Plant longer or shorter, denser or sparser, or with color variations, we can help. All you need to do is share your vision for your green space with us. And we will be sure to come up with the right thing!

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Height 20"-48"
Foliage Polyester
Trunk Plastic
thermaleaf Available

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