Artificial Arrowhead Vines Plant
Artificial Arrowhead Vines Plant | Arrowhead Vine ID# ARH118
Arrowhead Vine ID# ARH118
Artificial Arrowhead Vines Plant | Arrowhead Vine ID# ARH118

Artificial Arrowhead Vines Plant

ID# ARH118

Artificial Arrowhead Vine Plants have iconic arrow-shaped foliage that make up their namesake and make a smart choice for your commercial space. As more businesses come to understand the value of mindful environments, creative designs and artistic expression are making themselves known in a biophilic context. Invest in a green experience that will set your space apart and rely on unique and memorable artificial Arrowhead Vine Plants to speak for your space.
Beautifully handcrafted with a remarkable likeness to the live plant, our Artificial Arrowhead foliage has captured the leaf shape, the variegated color tones, and the leaf texture perfectly. Stems sitting upright and large arrowhead-shaped leaves showcasing their design are perfect for pots, planters, as accents in potted trees, or as a greenery accent in existing arrangements. Versatile at 18” tall and 25 leaves to make an immediate impact, the Arrowhead head foliage is timeless in design and will last through each season. Consider adding this wonderful vibrant green and cream foliage to your landscape.
The fabulous, fashionable arrowhead vine is a plant loved for its distinctive “arrowhead-shaped” leaves, their rich color, and texture. Our artificial arrowhead vine is an exact botanical replica of the beloved indoor plant. It’s been meticulously handcrafted to capture the smallest detail and offers excellent durability. It’s also incredibly versatile. While natural arrowhead vines are picky about the light and other growing conditions, our artificial arrowhead vine can be used to beautify any commercial space.
Our faux arrowhead vine plant is 18 inches tall with high-grade polyester foliage. You can customize the plant’s height and spread to make it fit any desired location. Our faux arrowhead vine plant has 25 life-like variegated leaves. You can place these plants in ornamental vases to create breathtaking accents or include them in indoor floral arrangements. Our artificial vines can also be used to provide a vibrant backdrop to indoor artificial trees, tall shrubs, and hedges.
Plantscape Commercial Silk’s fake arrowhead vine plant is available in self-extinguishing ThermaLeaf® materials. These materials are injection molded with fire-retardant chemicals which makes them inherently fire-resistant. While topically treated foliage can lose its fire resistance due to wear and tear, our fake arrowhead vine promises lifetime fire protection.

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