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Ways to Make Artificial Plants and Trees Look More Real

There are very few of us who are blessed with the skills and patience of keep plants alive. For everyone else, there are artificial plants. And believe us, the latter is not a consolation. Unlike the gaudy, plastic-like greenery of the past, modern faux trees and plants look incredibly lifelike and have the ability to refresh and rejuvenate any setting. 

Making Artificial Plants Look Real

From their rustic, stately trunks and branches to botanically identical petite leaves to highly attractive and colorful flowers, fake plant decor and trees are quite impressive and mesmerizing. Incredibly real looking artificial plants and have become a go-to solution for interior designers to style up a dull space. So, if you still have that image of old offices or waiting rooms rocking up icky elements passing off as plants when you think about artificial ones, then do change it. Because modern-day faux foliage can fool even the most eagle-eyed people. 

From lack of sunlight to allergies, there are many reasons to opt for faux plants. But for commercial space, these are the best options as they don’t require constant upkeep and hence save costs. At the same time, they add so much flair and drama to any design scheme. It’s a win-win. If you’ve opted for faux greenery, or decorative indoor artificial trees like acacia trees and want to get the best out of it, then here are a few tips to do so. 

Ways to Make Artificial Plants and Trees Look More Real

As mentioned before, today’s artificial plants and trees are incredibly realistic. However, there are a few things you can do to really take their look and feel to the next level. Here are some of them. 

Opt for Silk Plants

The market is full of decorative faux plants made from a variety of materials. Some are manufactured from cheap plastic and hence they look really shabby. Some are handcrafted using premium quality silk material which makes them look incredibly lifelike. Instead of going for the cheap plastic ones, we recommend you upgrade your budget a little and go for the best-looking, fake plants that look real which will make an impression.

Optimum Placement

When it comes to plants, real or fake, placement is extremely important. If you’ve got faux plants which don’t look quite real, then it’s best that you stick them in places where they won’t get much attention such as corner spaces of big rooms. If you’ve got faux plants which aren’t UV-resistant, then keep them away from sunlight or their color will fade away. If you’ve got quite most realistic artificial outdoor plants, then position them as centerpieces where they will contribute to the aesthetics of the room while defying scrutiny. 

Anchor the Plants in Dirt

To make the best impression with the help of realistic artificial plants, take cues from nature. Real plants and trees grow in dirt/mud/faux moss etc. Anchor your plants in these materials, so it creates more strikingly real picture. If your faux plants are anchored in only rocks or an empty container, then obviously it will look fake. The best option is to put them in opaque planters or glass containers filled with little water or mud that will give your plants a real look. However, before immersing your greenery in water make sure you check with the retailer if this will result in color fade. Also, change the water regularly to keep the display clean and refreshing. 

Choose Lifelike Colors

Yes, aqua blue palm trees look absolutely wild and eye-catching, but really do we such a thing in nature? It may look exotic, but everyone knows it’s fake. Realistic artificial palm trees are all so green and refreshing. So, stick to lifelike colors or as we put it at Commercial Silk ‘botanically-realistic’ real artificial plants and trees which resemble their natural counterparts really close. Also, when it comes to faux flowers you will come across many varieties in different, attractive colors. But, overly bright and unnatural colors do not pass as real and will call your bluff. 

Pay Attention to the Trunk

Artificial trees and plants generally come in a couple of choices – plastic trunk or real-wood trunk. Usually the real-wood trunks have more details on them but these days even the plastic ones are quite rustic and stately. Do your research and compare them before making a decision.  

Mix the plants

One great trick to make your faux tree plants look real is by mixing them up with real ones. Throw in a couple of real ones amidst fake plants and trees to keep your entire display more appealing and lively. For example – You could have real bamboo trees amidst some palm ones to create a more striking, picturesque setting. 

Better Planters

More often than not, your silk plants will come with cheap/low-quality/plastic planter. Ditch them and go for some artsy, unique planter which will add to the look of the foliage. From urns to baskets, terracotta to LED, round to square, there are so many unique plant containers available that will make your plants look extra-special. 

Regular Maintenance/Cleaning

Yes, the best part about fake tree plants is that they don’t require watering, fertilizing, pruning, or other heavy upkeep. But, that doesn’t mean you can completely neglect them. Regular dusting, cleaning, wiping, etc, will keep them highly realistic and attractive season after season. 

Buy Most Realistic Artificial Plants from Commercial Silk

Modern day artificial plants and trees look incredibly real and are extremely attractive. In most cases, you’ll have to get real close and touch them to make out if they’re fake or real. The faux trees and plants at Commercial Silk are just that. We have some of the most eye-catching and realistic artificial plants and trees which will bring a sense of calm and cool in your commercial space. We can even customize our foliage according to your requirements. Get in touch with our team for all your custom and wholesale artificial plants requirements.