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Weather-proofing Small Artificial Trees - 4 Steps

Are you thinking of placing small fake tree arrangements in your office?

It’s an understandable decor choice for any workplace. They add color, brighten up the space, and require very little maintenance. However, when placed outdoors, artificial trees and plants still need little care.

That makes it essential to learn about weather-proofing artificial plants and trees before using them in your office.

Why Is Weather-proofing Essential for Artificial Plants and Trees?

Placing artificial plants outdoors makes them vulnerable to the natural elements.

Here are a few ways light, temperature, and moisture can adversely affect faux plants.


Long and consistent exposure to intense sunlight is terrible for most faux plants. Bright sunlight and harmful UV rays can decolor their leaves, branches, and stems. If left unchecked, the plant will lose its charm, thus its purpose.


Much like light, extremes of temperature are detrimental to the lifespan of a plant. It’s not uncommon to see their material stress under high temperatures. At the same time, harsh winters and mist can also make the plant brittle and reduce its days.


Fading becomes unavoidable if a plant feeds water for a prolonged period. The reaction isn’t going to be instant, and they can indeed survive longer than natural plants. However, such harsh conditions are bound to affect their life eventually.

Most Effective Ways To Weather-proof Artificial Trees

Whether it’s the faux birch tree, fake acacia tree, or pine tree on your display, weather-proofing them can significantly increase their life.

A few ways to weather-proof your plants are:

Protecting from Sunlight

The sun’s UV rays are the biggest nemesis of your faux plants. It can lead to discoloration and unwanted spots on the leaf surface. One effective solution is applying UV protection sprays on them.

small faux trees

To sustain them for a long time, try giving a generous and consistent coat. Placing the plants away from the direct sunlight can also help with preserving their appearance and making them look charming.

Wiping Away Dust

When placed outdoors, dust is a significant hurdle that you need to consider. They absorb the pollutants from cars and offices in the air and the UV rays from the sun.

A simple duster is all you need to wipe away the dust particles and prevent the trees from fading. However, for the more stubborn ones, you need something more powerful. Keep a hairdryer close at hand to give it occasional dustings.

It’s also not a bad idea to give the faux plants a soap wash from time to time. That might help restore its radiance and appear fresh.

Protecting From Cold

There isn’t much to do here unless the temperatures fall drastically during the winter months. Snow is the most common threat that these plants face during winter. Even mist can be harmful to the plants placed in an outdoor setting.

You can also consider placing them under a shade during the winter season.

Keeping Away from Rain

Not every artificial plant can repel water. Spraying their surface with WD-40 can help with this problem. It’s going to protect them better from rains and sprinkles. Thereby preserving their color and texture.

Bringing the plants together in one place and covering them with a big plastic sheet can help protect them during heavy rainfalls.

These plants and trees are highly vulnerable to stormy weather and strong winds. You can put them under a sheltered area to protect them during such times. If that’s unworkable, adding some protective support can help shield them.

Weather-Proofing Ideas For Specific Trees

Artificial Bonsais

Artificial bonsais are a great addition to any office decor. They are aesthetic, versatile, and easy to maintain. Creating a bonsai shelf can be a great idea to place them outside.

artificial bonsai tree

Even though their leaves are fake, most of them have a living trunk. That makes it essential to care for them, especially in hot summers and cold winters.

Because of their constant exposure to direct sunlight, it’s prudent to give their leaves a UV protection coat. As for rains and dew, there are few reasons to worry. Most of these plants are resistant to water and can easily withstand such weather.

Artificial Birch Tree

There is no denying the aesthetic appeal of a birch tree. However, placing a faux birch tree in a corporate area can be a suitable replacement if you’re lacking space and time.

They are easy to maintain. However, considering the shape of its leaves and how closely they are packed, dust and debris can be a big problem for a fake birch tree. Give them weekly dusting to get rid of the accumulated dust and preserve their shine.

Fake Pine Trees

It’s hard to distinguish between natural and fake pine trees if you don’t know where to look. They are picturesque and livens up every place.

artificial pine trees

However, these are relatively fragile plants, and you need to consider their placements before putting them outside. It’s better to opt for a more covered space to protect them from natural elements.

They can also trap dust particles very easily. Given the arrangement of its leaves, keeping an air dryer at hand will be a good idea.

Silk Palm Tree

Unlike small artificial trees, Palm Trees can add a sense of awe to the entire setting. Unlike their natural counterpart, faux palm trees require a lot less care, making them an ideal decor for any office.

However, placing them in an outside space can make its leaves vulnerable to sunlight and water. Therefore, giving it a coat of WD-40 and UV protection spray can help it retain its appeal.

Last Thoughts

If you’re considering changing your office decor, faux plants are the way to go. They are incredibly resilient and easy to maintain. Moreover, you don’t need to bother yourself with trimming or fertilizing them.

You only need to try and protect them from the natural elements. It helps to keep your arrangement looking fresh for longer and minimizes any need for frequent changes.

With that said, be creative and try out what’s best for your office.