Artificial Topiary Hedge Trimmed
Artificial Topiary Hedge Trimmed
Artificial Topiary Hedge Trimmed
Artificial Topiary Hedge Trimmed
Artificial Topiary Hedge Trimmed
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Artificial Topiary Hedge Trimmed


Artificial topiary trimmed hedge is crafted with our fire retardant faux boxwood foliage for indoors or manufactured for outdoor use with weather-resistant materials. Popular because of their ability to shape or carve out a space, hedges can be manufactured to your exact size specifications and are available with custom-sized planters to match. Our wide range of faux topiary trimmed hedges ensures that you get the maximum beauty of boxwood with your exact design and specification in mind. These are tightly trimmed hedges but additional styles are available. We can implement a variety of planters, shapes, designs, or simple hedges into your quickly and seamlessly. Offices, shopping malls, corporate centers, and educational institutions are some of the clients we have utilizing the boxwood hedge trimmed format in their landscape.
With our artificial topiary trimmed hedge, making your landscape look good isn’t a problem. The custom-made planter will arrive as per your specifications to fit right in where you want it to. From the color of the leaves to their unique small shape, at Plantscape Commercial Silk, we haven’t missed a single detail with our faux Topiary Trimmed Hedge. So that you can have a faux hedge that looks as good as the real one.
The fake topiary trimmed hedge from Plantscape Commercial Silk is built for the outdoors. Aside from being resistant to dust and harsh weather, our faux topiary trimmed hedge can also withstand the sun’s UV rays. Our patented PermaLeaf® protection gives the artificial topiary trimmed hedge superior UV resistance and prevents the leaves from fading.
So, if you’re feeling your resort hedge needs some rethinking, then look no further. The artificial Topiary Trimmed Hedge from Plantscape Commercial Silk is the solution you’re looking for. Our faux boxwood topiary trimmed hedge can add that extra charm your resort garden was missing. They can also be a great choice for any rooftop seating area or cafe. No matter the landscape, our fake topiary trimmed hedge will look right in place.

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