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It’s a misconception that you need expensive, exotic decorative accessories to create a delightful business space. You don’t need fancy elements to create a noteworthy commercial project. Sometimes even subtle, minimal decorations can lift the overall look and feel of your landscape. All you need is some inspiration which will spur creativity in the setting. And if you’re looking for that inspirational element in your commercial décor, then we have something for you – our collection of classic, simple artificial grass. Highly refreshing and chic, our artificial grass will add grandness to your landscape and will help you craft a setting ideal for collaboration and conversation. A great way to furnish your business or theme in a stylish yet practical way, this grass selection will give you a delightful hangout and functional space. Whether you want to create a perfect, relaxing backdrop for your hotel or restaurant dining space or meeting area or want to freshen up your landscape theme with some color and texture, this silk grass is all you need. They are perfectly suited for any commercial project and will be a delightful addition to the setting. Evergreen, stately and pleasant, our faux grass will really enhance your business décor and will create a space which is brighter and fresher. An easy and inexpensive way to create a peaceful seating area, grassy path leading to your entrance or to create an inspired design, this fake grass collection will make your décor look soft and appealing.

From artificial rustic Aerial Roots to delicate Bamboo Reed Foliage, faux Bear Grass Foliage to Prairie and Onion grass foliage in a range of colors, we have a huge assortment of faux grass to suit all your commercial landscaping projects. Our silk grass collection is crafted from premium quality material and as such they look extremely realistic and will sway in gentle breeze like its real counterparts. Petite yet highly durable, they do not require any sort of maintenance and will decorate your business space with their modern twist till times to come. Whether you have a formal or casual business space, contemporary, modern or traditional setting, our artificial grass will blend in perfectly and will give you clean, polished look. A gracious decoration accent which will make a bold statement in the landscape, these grass will bring in softness and feel of Sunday morning in your setting.