Artificial Cedar Topiary Hedge
Artificial Cedar Topiary Hedge
Artificial Cedar Topiary Hedge
Artificial Cedar Topiary Hedge
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Artificial Cedar Topiary Hedge


Artificial cedar Topiary hedges are ideal accents combining beauty and utility. Created with beautiful shades of green cedar foliage, giving the hedge a soft and feathery look, our faux hedges selection will add texture, tone, and depth. Measuring 36” x 15” x 51”, our fake topiary hedge is a structural yet artistic indoor landscape feature that will help to define spaces, add directional dimension, and with the natural appeal of cedar. We can custom create hedges according to your specifications – allowing you the opportunity to create something unique for your space. Made with high-quality materials, the cedar hedge topiary is durable, fire-resistant, and versatile.
Capturing the visual appeal of the beautiful cedar, the faux cedar topiary hedges from Plantscape Commercial Silk are the perfect décor pieces for your commercial property. They come in various dimensions and can be easily customized to suit your space constraints/requirements. They are apt for use as cubicle dividers or simply items of decoration. Plantscape Commercial Silk’s artificial cedar topiary hedge plants are welcome additions to your commercial property décor options.
We use high-grade plastic to create the dense foliage of our fake cedar topiary hedges. This not only makes them long-lasting but also ensures that the plants do not lose their gloss and shine over the years. Basic cleaning and dusting are all that these artificial cedar topiary hedges need to keep looking beautiful. That’s all the trouble that you need to take to maintain these plants. On second thought, that’s not too much of a problem, isn’t it?
Worried about fire safety norms compliance for the plants? Rest easy, our faux cedar topiary hedges are created using our Permaleaf® technology. This makes the plants fire-resistant, right from the manufacturing stage. Let one of our design experts demonstrate how these fake cedar topiary hedges can beautify your commercial property. Your property would never look the same again – and for all the right reasons!

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