Artificial Juniper Roll Outdoor
Artificial Juniper Roll Outdoor
Artificial Juniper Roll Outdoor
Artificial Juniper Roll Outdoor

Artificial Juniper Roll Outdoor


For custom projects and unique design specifications, we offer the Artificial Juniper Roll Outdoors masterfully designed by Plantscape Commercial Silk. Popular with landscape designers, architects, and contractors because of the ease of installation, our faux Juniper grass mat is also an outstanding choice for the depth of color and natural appearing texture. Manufactured in 2’, 3’ and 4’ widths, this is an ideal product to create large artificial Juniper hedges, as a wall covering, or to cover structures that need some beautifying. Our artificial grass is made with durable, authentic appearing multi-toned green/blue replica foliage. Made with our finest UV and weather-resistant materials for outdoor landscapes, this Juniper grass roll offers flexibility in design paired with durability and easy maintenance.
Anyone who suggested that you need to hire a seasoned gardener to have a perfectly maintained Juniper hedge was wrong. With Plantscape Commercial Silk’s Artificial Juniper Roll Outdoor, you can enjoy the classy look of a pruned Juniper hedge without having to go through the trouble to prune or water it every day.
Our experienced artisans at Plantscape Commercial Silk perform thorough botanical research before recreating a plant. As a result, our faux Juniper grass rolls are indistinguishable from their real-life counterparts, even if you take a close look. You will have a well-maintained, perfectly pruned Juniper hedge without having to move a finger. You can have it customized according to your specifications by speaking to one of our experts.
Our faux Juniper grass rolls come with an extra promise- the PermaLeaf® technology. Keeping a decorative item outdoors can make them prone to decay and discoloration due to weather conditions. Our proprietary PermaLeaf® technology makes our products immune to damage from sun and rain. As a result, when you purchase from Plantscape Commercial Silk, you will have an artificial Juniper grass roll that will never decay.

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