Artificial English Ivy Fence Roll
Artificial English Ivy Fence Roll
Artificial English Ivy Fence Roll
Artificial English Ivy Fence Roll
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Artificial English Ivy Fence Roll


For custom projects, and unique design specifications, we offer an artificial ivy fence roll. English Ivy fence roll is very popular with designers, architects, and landscape contractors because of the ease of installation. Manufactured in a roll format, in 2’, 3’, and 4’ widths, this is an ideal product to create large artificial ivy hedges, or to cover walls or structures that could use a little English garden beautification. Our artificial ivy fence roll is made with durable, authentic appearing fine Ivy leaves, in beautiful tones of green and cream.
There are reasons why so many interior designers recommend installing the artificial English Ivy rolls from Plantscape Commercial Silk in commercial properties like yours. They are easily installable. They can be customized as per the clients’ design and dimension requirements. And Plantscape Commercial Silk’s faux English Ivy rolls are so authentic-looking that you would find it really tough to distinguish them from their natural counterparts. No wonder the greenish-cream fake English Ivy rolls occupy a pride of place in so many properties across the country.
Besides looking beautiful, the faux English Ivy rolls are also designed to last long. We ensure this by making the foliage with the best quality plastic. Simple cleaning and dusting take care of the maintenance hassles. No questions of shed leaves or insect-related botherations. So, once installed, the fake English Ivy rolls make for the perfect décor options for your commercial property.
But would these faux English Ivy rolls be able to deal with weather hazards, when installed outdoors? This question must have come to your mind. And the answer is a resounding “yes.” This is because our artificial English Ivy rolls are infused with our exclusive PermaLeaf® technology. This makes them completely inclement weather-resistant. Enough reasons for you to contact us today and install these beauties in your commercial space.

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