Artificial Creeping Fig Mat
Artificial Creeping Fig Mat
Artificial Creeping Fig Mat
Artificial Creeping Fig Mat
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Artificial Creeping Fig Mat


This Artificial Creeping Fig Mat for indoor applications is an easy way to modernize your space with a popular, fashionable plant variety. Constructed in the form of a flexible plastic mesh, these foliage mats measure 12″ by 12″ and interlock to form a seamless, non-repeating blanket of greenery on any surface. If you’re looking to create a Creeping Fig green wall feature, this is the best-looking, most efficient method to get you there. The creeping fig artificial ivy panel foliage is also infused with ThemaLeaf® fire-retardant particles, making it inherently fire-safe and compliant with nearly all fire safety standards.
A smart and attractive way to decorate the interiors of your commercial space. That’s what the faux creeping fig mats from Plantscape Commercial Silk would ensure. They are perfect for decorating walls, cubicle dividers, and even the panels that create smaller areas in large rooms. You can also use these artificial creeping fig mats as standalone interior décor items. In fact, the faux creeping fig mats can be comfortably used to decorate any surface. The mats are flexible and can also be customized as per the design requirements of our clients. The flexibility of design and usage is an inherent feature of our products.
Our fake creeping fig mats also come with the promise of good quality. The plastic that we use for the foliage makes the artificial creeping fig plants both durable and immensely attractive. And they would continue looking so – with only periodical dusting and cleaning. Use only plain water for cleaning the faux creeping fig mats. And watch them retain their gloss for a long period.
We also ensure that our fake creeping fig mats are fire-resistant. We infuse the raw materials with fire-retardant chemicals at the manufacturing stage, thanks to our ThermaLeaf® technology. So, compliance with fire safety norms is also ensured. Contact us today to know more about these wonderful décor options for your property.

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Height12" x 12"

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