Artificial Juniper Mat
Artificial Juniper Mat
Artificial Juniper Mat
Artificial Juniper Mat
Artificial Juniper Mat

Artificial Juniper Mat


Our lush and lively juniper mat is the perfect way to quickly and easily cover a vertical structure, a wall, or create a screen with greenery and texture. Created in 24” x 24” panels, our artificial grass mat foliage looks incredibly lifelike, is fire resistant, and requires little to no maintenance. The juniper grass will appear as thick, full, lush, and bright green. Installation is simple making this a popular choice for landscape designers that want immediate impact. Custom orders are welcome. Speak with one of our consultants today for more design options and applications.
Our lush and lively artificial Juniper mat will be the perfect way to quickly add some personality and color to a vertical space or wall. The elongated mat can easily cover a wall, partition, or divider, or become an element of its own in any room of your home. Our artificial Juniper mat’s foliage looks incredibly lifelike. It requires little to no maintenance. What’s more, our artificial grass mat will stay looking fresh and vibrant for years on end.
Plantscape Commercial Silk’s motto is simple— to deliver you lifelike plants which require no maintenance from your end. Therefore, our faux Juniper mat looks as fresh and well-maintained as if it is one of the topiary creations pruned by Edward Scissorhands himself. Its foliage is made out of premium quality plastic, which comes in a fresh green color.
Each of our faux Juniper mats you buy comes with an extra safety measure- the ThermaLeaf® technology. The ThermaLeaf® technology implements fireproofing chemicals at the molecular level of our raw materials to make sure that our products are safe for our interiors. Additionally, it also makes sure that our faux plants are dust-resistant. You can also consult our experts to customize your faux Juniper mats to make sure that they are a perfect fit for your interiors.

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