Artificial Cypress Topiary
Artificial Cypress Topiary | Cypress Topiary ID# BOXC72
Artificial Cypress Topiary
Artificial Cypress Topiary
Artificial Cypress Topiary
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Artificial Cypress Topiary


This artificial cypress topiary is designed by Commercial Silk for indoor landscapes but is certainly available for outdoor placement as well. Manufactured in 4 to 8-foot sizes for quick installation, the cypress topiary highlights a natural foliage look for its topiary shape and design. Perfect sizes in fresh green foliage and being slightly tapered near the top makes this a great choice for a variety of landscape concepts. Custom orders for the cypress are welcomed. Large topiaries look great when paired with each other so be sure to check out our full selection. All of our designs are very durable and low maintenance. Please talk to one of our consultants today for design assistance.
Evergreens have been treasured and cherished for centuries in landscapes and gardens. And the silk Privet Cypress Style Topiaries will also be greatly favored and adored. The faux Cypress Style Topiaries will add visual interest and add the softness and texture of a full-grown evergreen. Available in a range of sizes, styles, and forms, we have decorative topiaries which can be customized according to your specifications. Manufactured with the finest materials for durability and design flair, our Privet Cypress Style Topiaries are all you need to make your space stand out with the beauty of manicured trees.
We all know how hard it is to grow and maintain hedges, especially if the weather is sometimes unpredictable. Not to mention, cleaning up after forever shedding plants is an added task. In such a scenario, what could be better for you than these low-maintenance artificial Cypress Topiary plants? The best and most effective way of bringing a little bit of greenery into your green space. These faux Cypress Topiary are one of the most refreshing pieces of greenery that you can incorporate into your decor theme. Its dark green hues and botanically accurate leaves will blend in perfectly with whatever other plants that you might have.
We offer these faux Cypress Topiary plants in our proprietary ThermaLeaf© materials, which are inherently fireproof. This means our fake Cypress Topiary plants will have inherent fire-retardant properties, for their entire life. With ThermaLeaf©, you have the ultimate in fire-safe foliage. You will never worry about fire code compliance with ThermaLeaf©. We also offer fake Cypress Topiary that is specifically suited for outdoor usage.
We can customize our artificial Cypress Topiary to suit your space. At Plantscape Commercial Silk, our team of experts loves to tweak various aspects of our faux greenery so that every installation has a unique look.

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