Grape Ivy Vine ID# GRI#24
Grape Ivy Foliage | Grape Ivy Vine ID# GRI#24
Grape Ivy Vine ID# GRI#24
Grape Ivy Foliage | Grape Ivy Vine ID# GRI#24
Grape Ivy Vine ID# GRI#24
Grape Ivy Foliage | Grape Ivy Vine ID# GRI#24

Grape Ivy Foliage

ID# GRI#24

A member of the Grape family, the Grape Ivy incorporates the lush and full look of the grape vine into this ivy foliage. Multiple tones of green with a glossy true-to-life leaf design, make this a fabulous choice for your interior project. Use this in hanging baskets, and in planters to accentuate floral arrangements on an indoor trellis or gazebo. Sized at 30” in length, this Grape Ivy has an astonishing 270 leaves, allowing the ivy to really make an impact wherever you incorporate this greenery. Fine materials, durable and stylish enough to last for years to come, this is a great Ivy option.
The faux grape ivy brings to the table a true-to-life appearance of grapevines right in the comfort of your own home. The multiple tones of green are complemented so well through glossy leaves, and its full leaf design will add a sophisticated twist when used in containers around your home or office. These plants will look great wreathed around any indoor decor for your personal, professional, or retail spaces. Likewise, it would complement any floral arrangement you choose to display indoors. This faux Grape Ivy will augment your festive decorations with adequate lighting and decor.
Plantscape Commercial Silk designs faux plants for home decoration only after thoroughly studying the attributes of the real plant. Plantscape Commercial Silk’s faux Grave ivy foliage is made of soft and tactile polyester, which looks hyperrealistic. It is our vision and passion which makes us stand out.
Our faux Grape ivy comes with a unique feature – ThermaLeaf®. Our ThermaLeaf® technology works at a molecular layer of fabrics to fireproof them. This makes sure that our products won’t create a fire hazard. Most brands, on the other hand, most brands simply apply the fireproof coating as a protective measure. With safety and aesthetics guaranteed, this faux Grape ivy is perfect for your indoor decorations.


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Height 30''
Foliage Polyester
thermaleaf Available

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