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Decorative tree branches and poles are hand-crafted by Commercial Silk Int'l, resulting in the most authentic products in the industry. Harvested, trimmed, and groomed from natural wood, artificial branches can convey an organic elegance, like the Cedar Poles in this hotel lobby. For smaller projects, they can be scaled down, placed in plant containers, and used as twig decorations, like with our artificial Curly Willow.

Soothing colors, tranquil feel, plus seating and a friendly service, that’s all your customers are asking from you. Whether you’re a customer-facing office, hotel, café, or even healthcare or senior living facility, you need to create an environment which makes people feel at home and at ease. And if you’re a business space which boasts of bland landscape or blank décor, then you need to step up. Here is something to get started – our beautiful collection of Decorative Branches. Landscape accents which will inspire your space and bring delightful color and raw feel to it, these Decorative Tree Twigs and Poles will make your setting highly appealing and extremely interesting.