Large Leaf Boxwood Mat (Outdoor)
Large Leaf Boxwood Mat (Outdoor)
Large Leaf Boxwood Mat (Outdoor)
Large Leaf Boxwood Mat (Outdoor)
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Large Leaf Boxwood Mat (Outdoor)


The ever-popular Boxwood, now in glorious large-leaf format for added detail and visual interest. Our Large Leaf Boxwood Mats turn any unsightly surface into a beautiful, ever-green expression of life. These faux boxwood mats are modular, and the perfect size to fit any project space. The flexible backing grid delivers ultra-fast, super simple installation, and makes sure your green walls and hedges are perfectly spaced and ideally arranged. Our PermaLeaf® large leaf outdoor plants save you the cost of replacement year after year, toughing out the sun, rain, and wind long after the competition has crumbled away.

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