Large Leaf Boxwood Mat
Large Leaf Boxwood Mat
Large Leaf Boxwood Mat
Large Leaf Boxwood Mat
Large Leaf Boxwood Mat
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Large Leaf Boxwood Mat


It’s a scientifically proven fact that greenery in the workplace has a positive impact on the lives of people around through increased relaxation, productivity, and vitality. With our beautiful and botanically accurate large leaf boxwood mats, you’ll be able to implement a sprawling feature wall with no hassle and no continued maintenance; This will give you more time to enjoy your greenery and the additional benefits of relaxation.
Our Large Leaf Boxwood Mats turn any surface into a beautiful, ever-green expression of life. These mats are modular, and the perfect size to fit any project space. The flexible backing grid delivers ultra-fast, super simple installation and makes sure your green walls and hedges are perfectly spaced and ideally arranged. Our outdoor Permaleaf® foliage saves you the cost of replacements year after year and the stress of making sure your plants will tough out the sun, rain, and wind.
Beautiful, vibrant, and incredibly versatile are some attributes that make boxwood the world’s most popular type of shrub for all types of landscapes. Plantscape Commercial Silk’s Large Leaf Boxwood Mat recreates these prized attributes using state-of-the-art craftsmanship and technology. The result is gorgeous, life-like artificial boxwood mats that can be used in virtually every indoor and outdoor location.
Our artificial boxwood hedge panels feature large, rich green leaves that are great for creating high visual interest. These faux boxwood mats are modular and can be customized to fit the desired dimensions. The mats feature a flexible backing grid which allows for simple, effortless, and super quick installation. It also helps ensure the walls and hedges are perfectly aligned and spaced.
Our artificial boxwood panels are made from high-quality materials. These boxwoods are available in our trademarked self-extinguishing ThermaLeaf® technology; We infuse the raw materials with fire-retardant chemicals on a molecular scale. This makes the foliage inherently fire-resistant and extremely safe for indoor use. Our PermaLeaf® technology grants the artificial boxwood panels high botanical accuracy and excellent resistance to UV rays and fading. Our artificial boxwood mats can seamlessly blend in with real plants. They require little upkeep and will beautify your commercial space for years to follow.

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