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Preserved Grass Mat

Preserved Grass Mat


Natural design elements give texture and a connection to the outdoors to your décor and nothing does this quite like our Preserved Grass Mat. Vibrant green Grass Mats are created in 12” x 12” tile formats; easy to implement in your design concept. Preserved plants and greenery maintain the live-like visual appeal but require little to no maintenance. This landscaping feature would be a perfect groundcover for trees and shrubs and would add texture and tone to floral and grasses in your décor. The grass is an element that is very versatile and adaptable to almost any theme or interior design concept making this a fabulous choice!
The 12″ X12″ artificial preserved grass mat from Plantscape Commercial Silk is made from preserved plants. We also pay meticulous attention to all the little details on the faux preserved grass mat. This helps us create artificial mats that are visually appealing and deceptively real. The tile shape of our fake preserved grass mat also means it can fit almost anywhere and would be great to cover any landscape feature.
The artificial preserved grass mat also makes caring for them easy. The fire-resistant protection that the artificial mat receives makes it extremely safe for indoor use and prevents it from turning into a fireball in case of a fire. In addition, our faux preserved grass mat also comes with special UV protection. It prevents the leaves from fading and keeps them greener for longer.
Having faux trees or shrubs in your office or commercial space isn’t enough to give the landscape a complete look. What you also need is an artificial preserved grass mat to provide ground cover to your arrangements, and Plantscape Commercial Silk has got you covered. Our faux preserved grass mat adds the much-needed texture to any ground surface. Our fake preserved grass mat is adaptable, versatile, and ideal for every setting, giving you little cause to complain.

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