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Artificial Boxwood Panels & Privacy Screens for Commercial Spaces

An elegant and convenient shield for blocking out chaos and to divide a large space, our range of artificial screens is playful and inspirational. A great way to create a barrier and to conceal unsightly views, our faux screens provide utility without compromising beauty. Available in multiple styles, colors and textures, our fake mats are crafted from high quality material and offer a lot to landscapes.

Fade resistant so that you could use them outdoors and fire retardant which makes them safe and secure, our mats add interest to any space. Available in wholesale pricing, they are quite durable and will last in your commercial design till times to come.

Your commercial area or workspace should be a place which allows you to work or serve your customers in absolute solitude. Far away from chaos and unwelcoming noise, a bit of calm and serenity is needed to get things done. We are not saying that you should create an absolutely private retreat detached from the outer world, but we want you to exchange disorder with some elegance, texture and privacy. And we often see walls as the best way to create privacy. But what about beauty and inspiration? We often make the decision in favor of functionality over creativity. To solve this dilemma, we have come up with a large collection of artificial screens. Playful and charming, our screens are a striking way to divide any space whether it’s your office, lobby area, restaurant, hotel, school, college, shopping mall or any other space.

An absolutely fun and ideal way to create a barrier, no matter where you install our artificial screens, they will provide you a sense of warmth and serenity. One of the best ways to give your interior or outdoor design a refreshing makeover, our screens are interesting and will add a unique accent to your existing substrates. Are you worried about some isolated wall or corner of your office? Or is there some room in your commercial space which sucks out the joy of the entire surrounding and leave you in disarray? Our mats are the best options to add interest to such ignored spaces.

Features of Our Faux Privacy Screen

Available in multiple styles, colors and textures, our faux mats offer a lot to landscapes. Whether you want to add some spark to the parking space or divide a large room into parts, whether you want to create a privacy screen or simply add some interest to the setting, our mats will do the job perfectly. Crafted from premium quality material, our faux screens are extremely durable and will adorn your space till times to come. Highly realistic looks and texture make them a popular bordering choice; our screens do not require constant upkeep and will prove mighty effective in hiding away all the dull and ugly sights. As they are inherently fire retardant, you can use them outdoors too without any worries. No matter how harsh sun, snow, water and wind is, our mats will continue to light up your setting without losing its spark.

There is often a dilemma whether to go for finesse or utility factor. Sure, colors and texture can be attractive but longevity and versatility should also be taken into account and that’s where our faux screens come into picture. Our screens add color and elegance to the space but they are also good at providing utility and privacy without compromising on the beauty aspect. They are also blended with fire resistant chemicals making sure that they don’t add to the spread of fire in case of an outbreak. So, along with their rich and captivating presence our screens won’t just support your outdoor space or indoor landscape art with freshness but they will also be a safe and secure addition.

Why Buy Fake Boxwood Privacy Screens from Commercial Silk Int’l?

Our screens are a wonderful way to conceal unsightly views in your commercial area. They are great at dividing your office space as per your convenience and ease and brings a vibrant backdrop to the entire setting. Just because it is a commercial space, it doesn’t have to be boring or completely formal. Yes, it cannot be all playful and modern, but a little greenery and a little vibrancy can go a long way in making a difference. Our screens make for a stunning backdrop to any area and will add beauty and splendor to it. A must have to create a beautifully inventive and redefining space, our artificial screens will bring a much needed style and comfort to your ordinary setting.

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