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Natural Privacy on Demand

Privacy is a little hard to find these days. As we all know, a cubicle is not an island all to itself, and working in one is about as private as a bus station. A lot of offices have adopted the open floor plan to express openness of communication, but end up spending a lot of time worrying about who’s watching their screen. 

Putting up walls and assigning people to tiny offices would be a step in the wrong direction. The workplace shift toward openness and community was well-intentioned, but it’s only part of the story. So where’s the compromise? How do you stay on top of forward-thinking design trends, create a beautiful space for people, and incorporate privacy without heavy construction? The simple truth is a Boxwood Privacy Screen.

Keep the open office, nurture its sense of community and improve everyone’s quality of life by adding greenery that creates natural partitions with a style that’s right on-trend. Infuse your space with life and help foster a culture of mindfulness for a better working atmosphere.

Relaxing in the Shade

Sometimes the environment around you is not the atmosphere you want to provide to your guests. Club and Resort owners know that the key ingredient to relaxed customers is a little dose of privacy, so they can enjoy your exclusive accommodations in peace. 

But how do you block out the traffic, the noise, the lights, and the prying eyes of outsiders without sending an aggressive message? Hot tip: It’s not a monolithic brick wall. A Faux Hedge Privacy Screen does the trick, with specially crafted outdoor foliage that survives the elements. We offer the most popular varieties of Artificial Privacy Screens, like the rich and elegant Fake Ivy Privacy Screen that gives so many buildings that classic appeal. Find your style and size and start creating a better atmosphere today.